little things

A newsletter is forthcoming, but there are little things to share.
Two little chicks were hatched by a momma hen about two weeks ago. Momma started setting right about the time we lost the 7 hens and a rooster to the heat of early July. The magical three week window came and went with no chicks, and a week later, some sweet cheeps on their part and a joyous shout on ours announced another birth on the farm. It is a delight to watch them growing up with their very own momma.
And remember the sleep troubles of young Clark, which coincidentally happened around the same time as the avian heatstroke? Well, in spite of our doubt (every time he’d been fussy and drooly for the last several months, we’d think he was teething…and he wasn’t), he sprouted two little teeth shortly after he started sleeping well again. Buddy, they are sharp! But they’re pretty cute, too, and come in handy with all the solid food we’ve been procuring from the garden for him.
So hope and new perspective is born from suffering and grief. Thanks for sharing the journey with us.


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