Falling into Fall

031The year of the hospital

I guess it was my turn.  Clark had his two week stay in the NICU in 2010.  Between Courtney and Campbell we had five hospital stays in January and February of this year.  Two weeks ago, I was taken to the emergency room with a concussion and broken right arm after I fell from the ladder while picking pears.  As if farming and raising two young children were not enough, now I’m learning to do these jobs with one functional (and non-dominant) arm.  For my next trick, perhaps I’ll try a blindfold.

I’m of course leaning on good help more than ever.  Thanks so much to wonderful working shares, parents, friends and neighbors for keeping us in business here, albeit slowly and awkwardly on my end.  I don’t think I lost too many marbles in the fall, and the pain in my wrist has greatly subsided.

Typing is of course also slow and awkward, so I’ll keep this newsletter brief.

Season extension

The last deliveries of this 25-week season will be October 30 and November 2.  We’ll do like last year and offer three more 2013 deliveries, November 16, 30, and December 14.  Cost of this extension will be $90.  The high tunnel (if we can control the mole problem) may allow us more harvests into 2014, but we’ll wait and evaluate where we are in late December.  Let us know if you are interested or have any questions.

Crops will include: storage veggies like garlic, onion, sweet potato and winter squash; roots like carrot, beet, salsify, and radish; a wide array of hardy greens like kale, arugula and bok choy.  Egg deliveries will continue on through the Winter as well.

Another picture-perfect potluck

Thanks to all for another successful potluck.  It was a beautiful afternoon with delicious food and delightful people.  Visit our website, aplaceonearthcsa.com, for my dad’s awesome collection of photos from the day.  If you haven’t made it out to the farm before, know that you are always welcome to come for a visit.  Just give us a heads-up and head on out.  This is a community farm, and we love to share it with you.


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