A time to plant, and a time to pick

Favorable weather and timely work add up to a garden ready to be picked. It’s a manic time of year on the farm: planting, weeding, seeding, tilling, mowing, watering, more planting–and now harvesting. So thank goodness for a super-reliable, super-capable crew of working shares and our most generous, flexible parents, who all together allow us to “make vegetables while the sun shines.”
Clark is turning into quite the little farmer. He prefers to go by “Daddy” lately, and his most frequent excuse for why he’s not ready for bed is that he has more work to do. Campbell is not exactly helping just yet, but he is often trying to negotiate his way outside, where he has a penchant for moving mulch (usually away from where it belongs). Courtney was supposed to be done with school shortly, but, with the abundance of snow days this winter, still has several weeks to go. Carden feels he is more appropriately deemed a juggler than a farmer and mostly enjoys the wide array of hats he dons through the days.
Although the world is nearly too much with us, we, in moments allowing some reflection and appreciation, feel beautifully blessed with family, friends, health, earth, light, growth and grandeur. We look forward to seeing you very soon and sharing the hale harvest of this verdant place on earth.
Thanks for joining us for another induplicable, unpredictable, joyous journey through the seasons.

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