CSA Shares for Sale

because we in getting and spending lay waste our powers,
we claim all our things as ours
and do it all the time.
little we see of nature as we pass our hours,
save human nature and the nature of the market,
where quickly rises to the top the dark, it
overpowers our natures to what is ours.

the garden has its own economy and laws.
at times its laws are more stringent, more disturbingly dark than ours,
and squandered are many of the rewards of our hours.
but at many times too its nature is more resplendently resilient
and more essentially empowered with will to love and reproduce eternally
than is ever allowed in our getting and spending, our free markets,
our obsession with owning and More.

so in the garden we reap abundant harvests of humility.
we see cycles that endure beyond concepts of time of which we can conceive.
it is almost inconsequential that we have purchased $30.95 of seed, put in 12 hours of minimum wage, rented to own a $12,995 tractor, surveyed assiduously the futures market—
still, despite my certainty that I am owed a return on my investment, my claims of fraud, evasion, economic injustice,
my basket is empty.

and so sharing a hold on the garden,
we yoke ourselves to a less capitalistic truth.
however much you “paid,” by whichever ways and means,
does not equal a guaranteed bag of beans.
we do not manufacture food or purchase produce;
we respect eons of rock, soil, water, fertility,
hoping for wholesome and holistic harvests.
we put forth a performance of plenty of work,
we wear our tools and our selves out
with a barely sustainable sense of dignity
and, laying waste for lengthy spells to our getting and spending,
a little more we see of nature that is ours, though not owned by us.
we subscribe to an economy a little less artificial,
a reality not totally determined by our words and cash registers,
and we, not just gluttonously felling dollar signs,
aim to see “our” woods as healthy fifty years from now
while we also, not just mining for mine,
tend to fast-fleeting annual seeds and innumerable insects’ feeding needs,
reaping unbought, incalculable rewards.

to be or not to be?

to be or not to be?

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