10 years


There is still lots of food, so we are offering our usual Extended Season Share–3 more deliveries, every other week for $100. Delivery dates will be Friday afternoons, November 17, December 1 and 15. The gorgeous growing season leaves us well-stocked with sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, and winter squash, while out in the field remain copious amounts of greens, carrots, beets, cabbages. We have yet to even start harvesting parsnips, rutabagas, celeriac. Let the good times roll!

The earth and elements have conspired with us this year. We know how lucky we are. For other farmers it’s been flood, or fire or storm or drought, and our hearts ache for all those dealing with desperation, trying to refrain from resignation. We are all but a flick of fickle fortune’s wrist from that “darkling plain swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,” and so in our bounty “we pause in life’s pleasures and count its many tears,” creating a more compassionate world. Let us share the generosity we have received.

Thanks to our guardian angel friends in the field. It’s a great honor to work with you and learn from you. Thanks to all of you for the choice you’ve made to join us, for the work you do to honor and enjoy the vegetables of our labor. This place on earth thrives because of so many unsung hands-on acts of washing and chopping and cooking and sharing. You’ve acted on conscience, not convenience. We hope the process grounds yet uplifts you, making mealtime more meaningful.

Exactly ten years ago Courtney and I committed our selves to each other and then committed ourselves to this place. It continues to be a beautiful journey, one that could easily satisfy many lifetimes. Thanks for believing in us then, and thanks for your steadfast faith. Our family is blessed to belong to this community.

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